Monday, October 21, 2013

Working with Celebrities

From time to time we're called upon to work with celebrities - from Dr. Maya Angelou to singer/songwriter Demi Lovato and everyone in between.

Recently, our team came back from a shoot with the Robinson family, stars of the hit A&E show, Duck Dynasty.

This was particularly challenging in that we had them for a grand total of four hours. And we had four scripts to film.

Techniques such as shooting down the tunnel? Flew out the window!  We ended up relying on the power of their personalities - and their popularity.  The promos have done fairly well for us. Here are two of them. What do you think?

I particularly like this one, because it was later in the day, the guys were a bit punchy by then, and the giggles were authentic. In fact, the whole take was a riff done by them, unscripted. Sometimes you get your best material that way: