Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Hey, we're changing our ad campaign!"

One of the things that's become increasingly clear is the need to make sure your presence permeates the digital ecosystem.  It's not enough to have a presence in one aspect of digital space (TV ads on broadcast, cable, hulu). Companies need to connect with their consumers and follow them where they go. That means social sites, check-in sites, even through apps they commonly use. To do this effectively, you really have to know your consumer.

Old Navy's new ad campaign is a great example of this. Their new music-centric campaign delivers its message through original lyrics in a pop tune that's searchable with the Shazam app. When consumers use Shazam to identify any of the songs, they'll also see current deals, new looks and styling tips pop up on their screens.

In a clever twist, they used the campaign switch as a way to connect with consumers by "leaking" the "audition tapes" of the previous campaign's principle characters, the Old Navy Mannequins on youtube.

I love that they turned something as basic as a new ad campaign into an opportunity to promote themselves.

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