Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Transmedia Storytelling

You have a company that's been around for a long time. Its consumer is aging and the company wants to reach out to a younger demographic. How to do this?

In this particular instance it's a Dutch public broadcast station whose median viewing age is 55.  Its solution is to reach out into spaces where today's younger audiences are connecting. It did so by using a rule-bending format the director refers to as Transmedia Storytelling. 

The resulting experience goes beyond a standard single media stream. Instead, it integrates the content you'd traditionally expect - talking head interviews - with interactive maps, gaming, animation and a fictional story line to get its point across.

What I find compelling about this as a producer is that it makes me think. Who is the audience I am being paid to reach? How might I best do that? What I've always done before may not be the best solution going forward.

Our clients are constantly telling us they want something fresh and different. Granted, it has to be delivered within budget and on time, which can dictate exactly how "fresh and different" we can be. The old adage of "good-fast-cheap, pick two" is still very much in play.

But I think it's incumbent on us to be ever-exploring, to foster an attitude that borders on dissatisfaction with where we exist creatively now, as opposed to where we could be

Take a look at this company's solution and let me know if it causes you to think about your next project differently.

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