Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Profile: My Cat From Hell (Animal Planet)

As a producer/director, I usually cringe when I see the list of reality TV titles gracing show schedules these days. Oh there are the ones with production values slightly less embarrassing than your average home video. But you will never convince me that "Teen Mom" is, by anyone's definition, Good TV. Sorry, just not going there.

However, there is always that rare exception to the rule and My Cat From Hell is most definitely one of them.

A show has to have entertainment value to make it on a channel's TV schedule, and this one delivers. Its host Jackson Galaxy is colorful, articulate and fun to watch. But what really makes this show stand out is its content.

photo courtesy Valerie Allen PR
This show isn't just about entertainment; it slips in a hefty dose of education as well. And it's an education that is desperately needed to help battle against the egregious numbers of cats euthanized each year in the United States.

According to the American Humane Association, more than 71 percent of cats entering shelters are euthanized - that's well over a million kitties each year.

Jackson's personal mission, in his own words, is "to keep cats from being euthanized -- out of shelters and off the streets for reasons that are entirely preventable." With more than 15 years' experience helping people manage feline behavioral issues - and over 1,000 one-on-one cases (both in-home and in rescue situations) under his belt, this man is uniquely equipped to do something about it.

In 2011, he launched My Cat From Hell in partnership with Animal Planet. Each episode of My Cat From Hell showcases a "hopeless" situation where a cat owner is at wits' end. These people are just a breath away from giving up on their feline companion. The behavior exhibited by these kitties would certainly make them less adoptable - and probably earn them a death sentence - in a shelter situation.

As a volunteer for cats at Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, seeing the solutions to each new behavioral issue could conceivably help me be a better advocate for each cat that I help socialize. And that is reason enough to support My Cat From Hell by watching it each week.

Shows like this don't stay on the air if the viewership isn't there, so I urge you to grab your favorite beverage, prop your feet up and enjoy the season premiere of My Cat From Hell with me this Saturday, January 7 (8 PM, ET/PT). You won't just be supporting one of the few good shows on the air. If you're a cat lover, I guarantee you'll find it entertaining - and educational - as well.


  1. Great post! Look forward to the new season!

  2. I will definately be sharing a space on the couch with you Lisa! This show is so important and I can't wait to see the premier!

  3. Awesome. Let's belly up to the snack bar and have a virtual watch-in. Great interview. :-)